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New approaches to diabetes management through self-monitoring and Big Data

With the prevalence of mobile computing, self-monitoring and Big Data technologies, new approaches to the management of type 1 diabetes management might be possible. Take for example the administration of insulin in type 1 diabetes when eating pizza. It is often reported that rather than taking one single bolus¬†insulin dose when eating pizza, the insulin […]

Setting up Apache Pig

Apache Pig is part of the Hadoop ecosystem and is a procedural language which makes the job of processing data on Hadoop a lot easier than writing MapReduce jobs by hand. You can write a script in Pig Latin which, under the hood, will translate into MapReduce processes. This is often the quickest way of […]

Getting Hadoop set up – manual style

I’ve got a Mac, I’d like to get Hadoop set up. What do I do? I started by Googling, of course. First, get a Linux Virtual Machine set up. I went for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS running on VirtualBox. Get a Linux installation running inside a virtual machine. This guide worked for me for the basic […]

Beautiful Science at the British Library

The British Library are running an exhibition on data visualisation until 26th May 2014 – it looks amazing! Here’s The Guardian’s writeup.    

Data Visualisation – The Guardian Masterclass

I spend a lot of time at work trying to get people to make decisions based on data I generate. The business people I present to have a lot on their mind and anything more than a single page presentation is unlikely to get any attention. Which means that the single page you do present […]

Big Data and Blogging

So what is this Big Data stuff anyway? It seems to be everywhere these days. For those who have managed to completely avoid hearing about it, Wikipedia has its usual comprehensive, if slightly dry, description. Don’t worry if you glazed over after a couple of sentences; I did too.¬†So here’s my take: it describes ways […]