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Time Crunched Cyclist – Weeks 1-4

Week 1 Training gets off to a good start, with a 45min easy spin session on Monday and then two 90 minute sessions on Tuesday and Thursday – 90 mins at 184W with 3 x 8 min at 274W (5 min RBI). I found them ok – not easy, but not brutal either. In place […]

Time Crunched Cyclist – Field Test

According to The Time Crunched Cyclist training plan, in order to train as effectively as possible one needs to determine at what intensity to train. For me this was one of the big motivators for starting this training plan – were all those hours I as spending out on my bike having the effect I […]

Time Crunched Cyclist – The Technology

This wouldn’t be a blog about technology without a thorough discourse on the technology involved. But before going through the design spec, let’s take a look at the user requirements: Only capture information once and automate as much as possible See calorie intake and calorie expenditure side-by-side to ensure I was eating correctly (after a […]

Time Crunched Cyclist – Putting Structure Into Training

Over the past ten years I found myself working increasingly long hours for an investment bank, but always tried to squeeze in as much training as I could. The training was mostly a mix of circuits and strength training with a personal trainer, plus a couple of bike rides a month. It worked well. The […]