Time Crunched Cyclist – Weeks 1-4

Week 1

Training gets off to a good start, with a 45min easy spin session on Monday and then two 90 minute sessions on Tuesday and Thursday – 90 mins at 184W with 3 x 8 min at 274W (5 min RBI). I found them ok – not easy, but not brutal either.

In place of a 120 min endurance ride on Saturday I did the London 100 (actually 86 miles) on Sunday. Probably the worst weather I have ever seen, let alone cycled in. Completed it in 4:37.

Week 2

Intervals on Tuesday were the same as last week and were fine, but I only managed one of three intervals on Thursday – my legs felt like lead. Not sure why – it could be that I went for a jog on Wednesday morning instead of resting, or it could be because of blood glucose volatility the day before.

About Wednesday lunchtime my glucose levels started to climb. Took some extra insulin to no avail which usually means the insulin or the infusion set has failed. After changing the infusion set and the insulin my glucose level was up to 20mmol/l, which is pretty high. To bring it down I took some more insulin but must have over-egged it because the next thing I know my blood glucose is 1.6mmol/l (a new all-time low for me) and I’m not feeling very well at all. Eventually it recovered but for the rest of the day I felt pretty wiped out.

Friday’s interval session was a bit different and was “Sustained Effort Power Intervals” – 90 mins at 184W with two sets of three all-out 2 min sprints at 315W or higher. I averaged about 330W for the 2 min intervals. I was surprised I couldn’t go higher – if I can pull 312W for 8 mins I would have thought my 2 min power would be higher. Must try harder next time.

Saturday’s endurance session was an amazing ride out into Kent.

Week 3

Monday and Thursday were back to some 275W 10 and 12 min intervals which went well, with some endurance miles on Tuesday (down to Cadence Performance in Crystal Palace to buy a new saddle – a very comfortable Selle Italia SLR if you’re interested) followed by a long ride on Saturday in Mallorca.

Week 4

This week I’m going to break with the programme for a bit. I did a lovely ride in Mallorca on Monday from Soller through to Valdemossa which covered my Endurance Miles session but as I’m doing stage 1 of the mHealth Grand Tour at the end of the week, I reckon I’m probably best to do some easy spin sessions for the rest of the week rather than doing intervals.

I’m also going to be on holiday after the tour and without a bike so there will be a bit of a pause until I pick up the programme again.

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